Autumn Art Exhibit,  HEDGE ROW
CODA Lobby
Cherry Creek North
October 21, 2017

Spring Art Show
Platform, Denver, Colorado June 8, 2017
Mom, Dad and Joe
16th Street Arts and Crafts Fair
Denver, Colorado August 10th and 11th, 2018
I seized the opportunity and moved to Colorado and brought my passion and love for painting. I spend much of my free time with my brushes and palette knife on canvas creating colorful abstracts and landscapes. Support from my family of artists continues to motivate me, as I express my many talents, developing the art I paint today.
Redpeak  Art Show
1600 Glenarm
Thursday Feb. 1, 2018
​Edge of Blue
​Next Show...
Urban Market, Skyline Park, Denver Colorado
Oct, 13th 2018
Andrisen Morton,
Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado
The three paintings on the left are mine!
July and August 2017
​City Hall, Denver, Colorado

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Art Shows
Verse... City Hall, Denver, Colorado
May 11, 2017
Red Rocks Country Club
First Friday Happy Hour
Art Show
December 1, 2017
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